Infrastructure and Facilities
Land Area: 18.05 acres or 73072 m2
Built up Area: 4000 m2
Play ground area:
Library: 2064 sq ft.
Computer Laboratory: 1008 sq ft.
Science Laboratory: 989 sq ft.

Self study and reading are important skills towards developing the habit of life-long learning. This becomes an indispensable tool for the career of students in the future. The school library is well designed, spacious, and it has nearly 4000 books of all classifications and subjects ranging from encyclopedia, dictionary, novels, short stories, fictions, personality development, education related books and also the non-book materials like the educational C.Ds and D.V.Ds.

The library also encourages the students to read with its unique children related magazines section and collection of more than 15 magazines and 4 dailies.

The library timing is from 9 am to 5 pm. The books are also issued to the students having the library cards for further studies in their houses. This also cultivates the habit of reading environment in their houses.

Science laboratory:
The school has spacious and well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. They are fully equipped with apparatus to carry out experiments and activities prescribed by CBSE and investigatory projects related to mechanics, light, magnetism, electricity, heat and optics. All these laboratories provide firsthand experience and individual opportunity to children to engage in the process of developing scientific temper.

Computer laboratory:
Computers are the modern way of leading life now-a-days and to keep our students abreast with latest knowledge in the field of computers. The School has well equipped computer laboratory with sufficient number of computers of higher configurations and backed by U.P.S supply which enables uninterrupted working on computers. The computer education is introduced from grade 1 and all the students are given both theoretical and practical knowledge of computers. The computers are connected to internet which facilitates the teachers to use technology in their teaching and also to update their knowledge.

School Clinic:
The school Clinic is manned by qualified staff to provide immediate First Aid during school hours. Periodical medical checkup will be done for all the students and records maintained. Major observation, if any, will be communicated to the parents.

School Transport:
Our School is providing transport facilities to all the children of surrounding villages with a diameter of around 30 kms.