Welcome to Nandi International Residential School


Sun is the source of knowledge and enlightenment and that is the very purpose of Education.


Nandi represents stability, perseverance, obedience and intelligence and this is taught to the children through formal and informal training indicated by the open book. The information given to the students would become knowledge and the knowledge should lead to wisdom and only the Human Potential gets realized.

The very purpose of Nandi International Residential School is to sow the seeds of values in the hearts of children, nurture them through purposeful education so that they can harvest at the ripe time.

Our Mission

  • The dream of NIRS is to realize the concept of ‘PURA’ as defined by Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam that is to provide urban facilities in rural areas.
  • It would give self esteem and confidence to the children of this area to compete with the best anywhere.
  • Students should be trained in communication skills, concept development and application of ideas in day to day life.
  • To develop creative skills and also a sense of belongingness in society from which they come.
  • To make them patriots and also spiritual in approach

Our Vision

Nandi International Residential School would provide physical, emotional, instructional and spiritual environment for holistic growth of every child in its portals..